Fantasies Explored

Mistress Ice Queen…

I am just as the name implies.  I am an Alpha female that has control issues.  Instead of fixing those issues, I use them to give submissives what their hearts desire.  They willingly submit knowing that I will not only care for them, but make their deepest fantasies come true.

My favorite treat are switches, male and female.  These delights are highly functional alphas to the extreme, in real life and domination. Yet, even they need to release control sometimes.  They come to me to be respected, but also treated as a good submissive should.

In addition to those two, I am also the beautiful half of an alpha couple.  He is a strong willed ass that takes no mercy.  He loves to ensure that I am pleased.  We work together to ensure the female of a couple is the most important part of the play.  If she wants to be submissive along with her significant other, that is even better.  The most important part is that everyone is getting something out of the event.

You are one of these three categories.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t relate to these descriptions.  You will be enticed to explore everything you have wanted, but cannot tell anyone.  You fear that your real life significant others will turn on you if they ever found out, so you come to me.  You crave to have me scratch that dirty desire.  You want to call me “Mistress.” You want to beg me to allow you to pleasure me.  You even secretly want to explore what he can offer, whether it is with your significant other or just you.

Everything we do is with the utmost discretion.  This is about exploration, NOT destruction.  There is too much of that in this world.

Life is too short to be scared.  Live it.  Fantasize it.  Submit to the Mistress. Now.